A clinical bike fit assessment involves one of our expert physiotherapists adjusting your bike in order to optimize your comfort, performance and efficiency when you ride.

Cyclists often spend hours in the saddle and are susceptible to various overuse injuries such as back pain anterior knee pain. Much of these injuries are often avoidable and are typically caused by an incorrectly set up bike. Our 60 minute assessment starts with looking at you as an individual – how you move, what your joint range and flexibility is like, how well you can control certain movements, and how strong your key muscle groups are. We will then attach your bike to a turbo trainer where your natural riding positions will be analysed. This information combined with the biomechanical assessment with then help us to make the necessary adjustments to your position or equipment.

The session will include:

  • Taking your full cycling & medical/injury history
  • Complete physical assessment & movement screening
  • Handle bar set up; including drop, reach & bar type / width
  • Saddle height, fore / aft, drop & reach, hip / knee / foot alignment
  • Cleat & shoe set up
  • A personalised off / on bike rehab programme to correct any strength deficits and biomechanical dysfunctions
  • A specific stretching/mobility programme to improve your general flexibility and movement limitations

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Jess Reed

Jess Reed Chartered Physiotherapist MSc BSc MHCPC MCSP Sport [...]

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