Long Covid is defined as symptoms that last beyond 12 weeks and can affect anyone – in fact it commonly seen in young, fit and healthy individuals.

It impacts on multiple body systems and recovery can be variable and unpredictable. The truth is we do not yet fully understand the pathophysiology of Long Covid. Important research is being done in this area as we speak, and it may be some time yet before we have a clear rehabilitation pathway. What we do know is that early intervention for people living with Long Covid should be aimed at stabilising symptoms and carefully establishing a realistic baseline, particularly when it comes to exercise.

Our expert physiotherapists will carry out a thorough assessment that will be “patient led” enabling them to adopt a personalised approach to your rehabilitation programme. If you require any further information before booking an appointment then please feel free to call the clinic to arrange a free 15min consultation over the phone with our Long-Covid expert Jess Reed.

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